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Get that metal hot and start hammering! Setting up your own forge and crafting everyday items is easier than you might think.

the blacksmith's craft

Charles McRaven guides you through the process of building a forge from recycled materials, acquiring tools, and learning basic blacksmithing techniques. With simple methods, easy-to-follow photographs, and insightful tips, McCraven opens up your smithing world to endless possibilities. You'll soon be creating items of lasting beauty and durability from iron and steel.

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The Blacksmith's Craft by CoSIRA -

My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Develop your artisanal skills in a safe, collaborative learning environment in a fully equipped forge, supported by a team of experienced blacksmiths, metal workers, artists and metallurgists. The Southwest has a long tradition of blacksmithing and metalcraft, and there are many experienced and accomplished smiths throughout the region.

The Blacksmith's Craft

But what sets DMC apart is our added focus on the science of metal. Charles McRaven is a stonemason and blacksmith, nationally known for building and repairing dozens of stone structures and log homes. He has written extensively on stone, including the books Building with Stone and Stonework , and articles for Country Journal , Fine Homebuilding , and many regional magazines.

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He lectures and conducts workshops and private courses in stone construction. Charles lives in Virginia. What would you like to know about this product?