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While Trembisky has lived her whole life in America, she speaks Russian. The Havurah program has several goals. It strives to bring these Russian teens, who often have limited camping experience, together. Pogorelsky said there are other camps Russian Jews can attend. However, most are local, she said, pointing to one in Brooklyn, N. This can be attributed, she said, to Ella Kagan, who runs the Shalom Education Center in Rockville, a school dedicated to children of immigrants.

Kasia Leonardi was 25 when she discovered Jewish ancestry on both sides of her family. But encouraged by her sister, Leonardi eventually attended a Hanukkah party at the JCC and became more involved. Anti-Semitism still exists on the fringes of society; far-right groups have accused President Andrzej Duda, whose wife has Jewish lineage and relatives in Israel, of being beholden to Jews.

Last year, it angered the Israelis, as well as the U. The so-called Holocaust bill, which has since been watered down, faced international criticism for censoring discussions of Polish complicity. The Polish Prime Minister pulled out of a planned trip to Israel for a summit of Eastern European nations, which was then canceled. Against this geopolitical backdrop, the JCC in Krakow offers a powerful symbol of reconciliation—especially given the role played by non-Jews, or gentiles, in its revival.

These non-Jewish volunteers are crucial for helping out on Shabbat, when Jews are not supposed to work.

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Learning about the Holocaust and visiting a concentration camp is mandatory in Polish schools. She is one of thousands of non-Jewish Poles supporting Jewish renewal throughout the country. Attracting some 30, mostly non-Jewish Poles, the festival played a key role in boosting Jewish life here, says Krajewski, who co-chairs the Polish Council of Christians and Jews.

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Many people with Jewish ancestry were initially hesitant to embrace those roots, he says. A different perspective on the cost of Jewish education is highlighted in this article by Steven I. According to Chiswick, religious schooling is considered a luxury good. And tuition is not as expensive as one might think from an economic standpoint since the cost of time spent taking kids back and forth from Hebrew school, in the long run, is a saved cost for parents that send their kids to Jewish day school.

This is an interesting perspective, but hard to think about when confronted with the idea of day school tuition for two or three kids at once. It is about the ability to pay the mortgage and put food on the table.

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The irony is not lost on me, that as a professional working in the Jewish community, I sent my children to public school, as have many of my colleagues. After moving to Miami almost 15 years ago from Israel, with barely any financial resources, and not yet employed, I inquired with local day schools about enrolling my two children.

Tuition was just too expensive. Yes, it was a choice, but not for lack of trying.

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I could not justify the cost of a Jewish day school education for my children with funds I did not have. So, I made the decision to send my children to public school, and have them attend religious after-school. There is no way that two hours a week of supplemental Jewish education in any way compares to an immersive day-to-day experience, but it was better than nothing. Thanks to financial assistance from our synagogue and JCC, my children did attend summer day camps, and thanks to both the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and Ramah Camping Movement, my children were able to have a wonderful Jewish overnight camp experience and spend time in Israel.

Of course, it was still not easy financially and there is always the difficult and humbling task of asking for financial assistance.

Auschwitz historical facts you have to know

Fortunately, many synagogues in our community will give Jewish communal professionals a discount on membership, as will most JCCs. I am fortunate that both my synagogue and JCC extended this courtesy, but it is not a practice that is followed nationally. What does it say about the Jewish community if those that work for the Jewish community find it difficult to lead a Jewish life?

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The same professionals who spend their days ensuring the future of the Jewish community, thinking of ways to engage the unaffiliated, and create community for others find they do not have the opportunity to take advantage of what they are trying to create. For most Jewish communal professionals, what they do is not just a job. It is a career, a passion, a calling. How can we make sure these very people, the ones working day-in and day-out trying to make their communities inclusive and Jewishly engaged have meaningful connections and feel the same? How can these dedicated professionals make Jewish life a priority for themselves and their families?

30 Shocking Auschwitz Facts That YOU Should Know! |

Employee engagement and retention of employees in the Jewish nonprofit sector are of concern, as highlighted in the most recent Leading Edge employee engagement survey. One area that may increase engagement and retention could be the opportunity for Jewish communal professionals to send their children to Jewish day schools and Jewish overnight camps at a reduced and affordable cost.

It would be interesting to find out if providing this benefit would help Jewish nonprofit organizations become great places to work. Thank you so much for writing this article. My wife is a day school admissions director and I am a synagogue executive and we still struggle to send our two kids to Jewish day school. Our community does extend modest discounts but sometimes they are still not enough especially for those at the lower levels of the community organizations.